HTML email tool

If you know php, have a look at PHP Mailer Class With Auto Image Embedding.

Example emails created with this tool

Have you ever received an email with images and links that looks just like a web page?
— That's exactly what this tool does. It creates an html email which you can send to yourself an then forward to anyone you like.
Any images you include are embeded in the body of the email. You can edit html code by clicking the html button in the editor.

This tool was developed to simplify and speed up the creation of graphics rich html emails.

Feel free to use this rich text email tool to boost performance of your email marketing campaigns.
Once you receive the email, you can forward it to your mailing list.

Read about HTML emails on Wikipedia

Don't have a mailing list?
— Send an email with a picture to your friend!

Tool disabled due to misuse

You can still download the php scripts and use them on your website.

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Upload image

Click on added images to copy link to the clipboard.
Then click on Insert image button in the editor on the left and paste the link in URL field to use uploaded image.

Text version for people who's clients don't not support html:


Via Twitter:
@senkunmusashi I believe you can, by sending different addressing mode config byte. The photo is esp8266 with a different lib not attiny85. @webboggles

If you know php, have a look at PHP Mailer Class With Auto Image Embedding.

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