Inline embeded images with PHP Mailer class

Online HTM email maker with embeded images

Example emails created with this tool

This is a simple to use combination of php mailer class and custom php scripting. The tool can embed true inline base 64 images.

To send the emails, I am using a PHPMailer class from codeworxtech which is also available at Source Forge You will need the php mailer class itself, and the pop3 extension to send out the emails.
You will also need the sendmail.php file, which you will need to call with the following code when you want to send an email:

$_SESSION['send_to_email'] = '';
$_SESSION['send_html_content'] = '';
$_SESSION['send_text_content'] = 'Please use an html compatible email client to view this message.';
$_SESSION['subject'] = "";
include 'sendmail.php'; //path to the sendmail.php relative to the location of this file.

Download php email script 25 kb
html_email_pack.7z 21 kb
html_email_pack.tar 107 kb

Developed by Ilya Titov